Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Marianne Mandala Grassroots Experience by Kim Dullaghan, Victoria Lynn Hall and Mary Hollywood

Victoria, Mary and Kim with their Mandalas at The Saban Theatre, Dec. 23, 2019

In our last post we shared with you our “Marianne Mandala” and how it symbolizes the integrative and holistic nature of Marianne Williamson’s presidential policy platform. (If you missed it, please CLICK HERE to read). Since then, we had the honor of introducing this concept to a number of people who attended Marianne’s talk at The Saban Theatre on December 23rd. With permission from the Marianne Williamson for President campaign, we set up our Grassroots Volunteer Table in the lobby and equipped it with printed graphics of Marianne’s Six Pillars of Moral Repair and our Mandala Illustration for reference as well as printouts of blank mandalas.

Our Grassroots Volunteer Table
We greeted event attendees as they approached our table and it didn’t take much effort to get many of them interested in what we were doing. We began by introducing or reintroducing them to the six pillars of Marianne’s policy platform and then gave a brief explanation of how they translated to our “Marianne Mandala”. Then we invited each person to fill out their own mandala with the issues or values that were most important to them.
Event Attendees With Their Mandalas
These interactions exceeded our expectations, providing not only an opportunity to educate people about Marianne’s vision and policies but also fostering a sense of community and connection. We made new friends and were able to recruit more volunteers to join our grassroots efforts.
More Event Attendees With Their Mandalas
Once the event began, we had the pleasure of being able to watch Marianne communicate her inspiring vision of a new America built on the foundation of her six pillars of moral repair. At her invitation, we closed our eyes and imagined the transformation her presidency would bring, seeing the healing and wholeness represented by our mandala as a reality. As if this wasn’t enough inspiration for us, Marianne herself honored us with her presence at our grassroots table after the event. She immediately understood how we had translated her vision and granted our request to fill out her own personal mandala.
Marianne Fills Out Her Mandala
Marianne With Her Mandala

Marianne's Personal Mandala
We definitely feel our first “Marianne Mandala Experience” was a success and can’t wait to introduce more people to it at future grassroots gatherings and events. We invite all grassroots volunteers to do the same. Please contact Victoria at for complete instructions and resources. Peace, love and justice for all,
Kim, Victoria and Mary


  1. So fantastic Victoria, Kim and Mary! The pillars are the transformative catalyst for a new America and you are engaging citizens to participate fully! Kay Lathrop

  2. Wow! This is exciting - thanks for creating the mandala. What a great idea. I love seeing all the values, especially Marianne's own version! - Christine Valentine


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